The Hotel del Coronado in Coronado, California, is making a splash in aquatics with Mermaid Fitness. This offering is conducted at the hotel's pool, where participants don colorful mermaid tails. The 45-minute class, open to both the public and hotel guests, is a "fusion of swimming, core, cardio and strength training set to upbeat music," according to the website.

TRAPFIT™, at Crunch in West Hollywood, California, is a fusion of aerial moves and regular group fitness. It's appropriate for beginners and seasoned athletes and is taught by trained aerialists and dancers on custom-made professional-grade trapezes. It blends intense strength work with cardio. Instructors introduce moves progressively so that students start simply, with the option to advance as they gain experience.

At Otium in Inlet Beach, Florida, ZOGA is a monthly "kids' night out" event. Kids spend 2.5 hours at the studio playing games and doing crafts. An hour of glow-in-the-dark yoga is included, followed by pizza and "wild play" time. The children are brought back to a calm state by doing relaxing yoga poses. They also clean their mats with essential oil mat cleaner, and end the evening with a discussion on self-awareness and responsibility.

HIIT Like a Girl (also known as HIITLAG) was created by women, for women, and is offered at locations in Winchester and Staunton, Virginia. The high-intensity program is family-friendly and moms are welcome to bring their kids. The 50-minute sessions combine "bodyweight exercises such as burpees, sprints and agility training with kettlebells, sandbags and balance boards," according to class creator Zara Ryan. To add an extra dash of fun, childhood games like Simon says, tag and scavenger hunts are incorporated into each class.

WoW Power Walking® in Toronto offers both introductory and high-performance power walking classes in an outdoor environment. According to the website, this program is "designed to offer challenging, low-impact workouts for people of all fitness abilities." All of the formats are built on a solid foundation of walking-only interval training. However, as the classes and participants progress, instructors may introduce other fitness elements such as boot camp—style strength training, power drills, mindful walking exercises and hill training.

At The Movement in New York City, yogaCHARGED challenges both body and mind with a hybrid of yoga and functional strength training. Set to an upbeat soundtrack, these high-energy classes incorporate traditional yoga poses and utilize strength training tools like resistance bands. In an effort to give back, the studio donates $1 per person per class to the National Brain Tumor Society.