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Creative Ideas That Inspire

In Movement Preschool at Cahoots Fitness in Lehi, Utah, kids aged 2–5 get a full hour of interactive play. The program is focused on teaching kids a healthy approach to fitness—one that encourages body acceptance and teaches movement as a way to feel good and to nurture the body. Kids are taught basic motor skills like throwing, jumping and tumbling. The various stations include a gymnastics area and sports center, and all classes build in time for music and movement. Instructors also introduce kids to concepts like letters and colors, which are easier for kids to remember when they are learned through playtime.

In Learn to Juggle (or Get Better)! at JuggleFit® in New York City, participants learn juggling skills. The continual movement required in juggling burns calories, inspires core engagement and increases range of motion in the arms and shoulders. As explained on their website, the benefits extend beyond the physical—juggling increases coordination, focus and concentration. It is also a form of moving meditation: It requires complete attention; therefore, it’s hard to think about anything but the task at hand.

Virgin Active, with 96 clubs across the United Kingdom, offers Body Balance. The class combines yoga, tai chi, and Pilates to bring the mind back into balance. With a focus on breath, stretching and relaxation, the intention is to destress as well as improve range of movement. Although this is a more restorative style, there is still opportunity for calorie burn, depending on the intensity of an individ- ual’s muscle engagement.

BOYO, a fusion of boxing and yoga, is taught at Jabs Gym in Detroit. Participants learn punches and boxing com- binations, and each round is interspersed with basic yoga moves and core routines. “We really like people to lose themselves in their workout,” co-founder David Tessler says in a press release, adding, “We wanted to add a fun element to [the class] and to get away from people just looking at themselves in the mirror.” Although the two concepts may seem far removed from each other, co-founder Willie Fortune believes that “boxing and yoga have the same mental, physical and spiritual connections.”

Sandbox Fitness, with two locations in the Los Angeles area, brings the benefits of sand training indoors. Sandworks is a boot camp–style class that utilizes circuit training and incorporates the natural resistance of sand combined with suspension training and indoor surfboards. The owners, Minna and David Herskowitz, have always appreciated the gentleness of sand on the joints. Even though the beach
is not too far from Los Angeles, getting there can be a trek. The couple decided to bring sand into their gym so that participants can enjoy sand training in their own neighborhood.

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