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Cooper Teen Fitness Clinic

The Cooper Fitness Center Teen Fitness Clinic was specifically geared for young adults ages 13 to 16.

The first 30 minutes of this class was devoted to important nutrition and exercise tips. This nutrition mini lecture was interactive where participants shared their knowledge and discussed ways to improve their current behaviors. Participants were then given assignments for each upcoming class.

The second part of the class (60 minutes) was devoted to a high-energy workout that emphasized cardiovascular exercise and various modes of resistance training. Each workout was organized in a circuit format. Fun exercise tools were introduced for each class, including FitBALLÔäó, Bosu®, resistant bands, free-motion cables and medicine balls, to name a few. The circuit class followed a 2:1 ratio (cardiovascular/resistance), including a group warm-up, cool-down and flexibility exercises. Please, see below for a few examples of the circuit class.

Total class time was 1.5 hours: 30 minutes nutrition introduction and 60 minutes high-energy workout.

Workout I:

Warm-Up:Group (5 to 8 minutes)

Station I: Body squat jump with medicine ball; hopscotch through hoops (2x)

Station II: Row w/ side step; jump rope

Station III: Squat throw medicine ball with chest press; Bosu side steps

Station IV: Reebok® Core Boards: Lunge with bicep curls; high knee and booty kick

Station V: Ankle band shuffle; jog with high knees

Cool-Down: Group

Core Exercises: Trunk: Group

Flexibility: Static stretches

Workout II:

Warm-Up: Group

Station I: Side step with reach; Bosu jump to target

Station II: Shuttle boxing; push-up jump with Bosu

Station III:  Bosu bridge; jumping jacks

Station IV: Swimming with Bosu; quick feet with throw to partner

Station V: High knees and booty kick fast (2x)

Cool-Down: Group

Core: Group

Flexibility: Group

Workout III: Outdoors

Warm-Up: Group


  • Indian Run in Pairs: Two lines are formed. Each front line pair of runners leads his/her line or group for 30 seconds. The instructor provides a warning signal where each participant who is in the back of the line runs to the front. Each pair of runners (who are positioned in the back) moves up to the front every 30 seconds until all participants have completed at least 1 round.
  • Wheelbarrow Racing: Partner A holds Partner B’s feet/lower legs. Partner B travels a specified distance on his/her hands. The participants are divided into two groups, with each pair from each group racing each other in a relay format.
  • Prisoner Squat: Perform a “squat” exercise with hands clasped behind the neck.
  • Spider Crawl: Two lines are formed. One participant from each line crawls across the room (i.e., start position on all fours; as the right arm reaches forward, the left knee/hip flexes toward the middle and vice-versa). The groups race each other in a relay format.
  • Push-Ups With Jump: Perform a push-up followed by a jump, reaching arms overhead.
  • Chariot Run with Band: With a resistance band around the ankles, participants run forward, backward and side shuffle.
  • Push/Pull With Stability Ball: Place forearms on a stability ball while kneeling. Push the ball forward keeping trunk in a stable position and pull the ball to the starting position (as if performing a kneeling lat pull).
  • Stability Ball Punches: Partner A holds the stability ball at chest level in a plank position. Partner B punches or taps the ball while Partner A holds the position.
  • Running Patterns: Different running patterns through obstacles. For example, participants will run through a pre-set obstacle course (with cones or steps) in a variety of directions (front, back, sideways). 
  • Leap Frog: Participant perform a deep squat followed by a reach/jump forward as if jumping like a frog.

Cool-Down: Group

Flexibility: Group

Each workout was performed twice during the week allowing for participants to improve their technique and familiarity with the activities.

Overall, we had a 90% plus retention rate/participation.

Carla Sottovia, PhD

"Carla Sottovia, PhD, the 2005 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and 2014 IDEA Program Director of the Year, is an international veteran leader in the fitness industry with more than 35 years dedicated to helping individuals achieve their path to personal wellness, fitness and overall quality of life. Currently the director of personal training and fitness education for the Cooper Aerobic Center, she is also the founder and owner of Mwove Education (USA & Brasil). "

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