The Staby and io-ball are two of the most versatile fitness tools on the market today. The Staby is a vibrational rod developed and manufactured in Germany, using innovative materials that are also used in the aerospace industry. Because vibrational training strengthens even the small, intrinsic muscles surrounding the joints and postural muscles, it has proven to be an extremely successful addition to a regular exercise program. Employing this tool for 10–15 minutes within a regular exercise program enhances the overall benefits of an hour of exercise. Take your fitness to a new level, and rid yourself and your clients of the chronic weaknesses you or they suffer with.

The io-ball is also a fitness tool developed in Germany. This multifaceted exercise accessory provides three different surfaces to enhance a client’s exercise program. The ball is flexible, making it easy to use, and creates an unstable—yet safe—surface that challenges stability and activates the smaller muscles of our joints, bringing more muscular balance to our body. The io-ball is an inexpensive and outstanding fitness tool that enhances the fitness regimens for you and your clients.

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