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BOSU® Balance Trainer Warm-Ups

By adding a new piece of equipment like the BOSU Balance Trainer to your warm-up, you can turn an old warm-up into a fresh challenge for participants. You also expose students to equipment they might not have used before, which helps promote other classes on your schedule that utilize the same tool.
The BOSU Balance Trainer allows participants to experience both a stable surface (the floor) and an unstable surface (the BOSU trainer). This is an ideal combination for people who are new to working with instability and for those who just like variety. It’s also a quick and easy way to add a balance component to class. Below are some sample ideas for two different classes—mix and match to customize your own warm-up. Always make sure the BOSU trainer is properly inflated and any other equipment being used is appropriately stored in order to avoid injury.

Step/Sculpt/Conditioning/Cardio-Based Classes

Each participant has his or her own BOSU Balance Trainer.

Cue the following moves:

  • Dome side up: standing figure eight with squat (option to use medicine ball or dumbbell).
  • Dome side up: standing balance rotation with alternating knee lift or abduction.
  • Dome side up: squat series: start on floor, step onto dome, squat to floor right, squat left, exit and squat on floor (16 counts).
  • Dome side down: high plank with alternating lunges to each side.
  • Dome side down: high plank with slow, alternating knee pulls to center.
  • Dome side up: stand behind BOSU trainer to start, and perform alternating lunges to center of dome.
  • Dome side up: stand behind BOSU trainer to start, walk up 3x with knee lift on top, walk back 3x with knee lift on floor.
  • Dome side up: make a figure eight using BOSU trainer—mount dome from floor, exit and “loop-walk” right; return to starting point, mount dome again and “loop-walk” left.

Yoga/Pilates/Core Classes

Each participant has his or her own BOSU Balance Trainer.

Cue the following moves:

  • Seated modified hamstring stretch into seated twist.
  • Dome side down: high plank to modified downward-facing dog.
  • Dome side up: standing on dome, abduct into slow leg circles, alternating sides.
  • Dome side up: standing on dome, perform cross-over reaches to rotation squat.
  • Dome side up: slow back extensions with torso on dome.
  • Seated V-sit rotations.

Always make sure the equipment is set up correctly and that you give proper instruction before adding the BOSU trainer to any exercise. All the suggestions listed above can also be done without equipment. Always give students the option to perform the exercises on the floor first and then gradually integrate the BOSU trainer. By providing the two options of an unstable surface and a stable surface (the floor), you’ll cater to a wide variety of fitness levels in one class.

For more ideas on how to use the BOSU trainer in warm-ups, see the full article in the January issue of IDEA Fitness Journal or read it online in the IDEA Library.

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Jennifer Renfroe

Jennifer Renfroe is the regional director of group fitness for Crunch Fitness┬« in Atlanta. She is also a master trainer for the Nautilus InstituteÔäó/Schwinn Cycling┬«. Certifications: ACE, AFAA

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