A new feature at IDEA World, this educational track led by ACE faculty equipped attendees to coach their clients to lasting behavior change. Topics included diabetes prevention, pain-free movement, exercise for cancer patients, the life of a fat cell and much, much more. Here are just two important reminders from the ACE experts:

  • “We are not diagnosing anything—we’re not medical professionals,” stressed Anthony Carey, MA. “We have to be very careful how we respond to clients’ questions. When a client says they injured themselves playing tennis and you say, ‘Oh, it’s your rotator cuff,” you have literally put a label on it and made a diagnosis.”
  • Patience. Persistence. Grace. Those are the qualities needed in the postpartum stage of exercise. “Think of a child learning to walk,” said Farel Hruska. “The child falls down, gets up, falls down, gets up. You wouldn’t say, ‘Sorry, you’re never going to get it!’”