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1. Combat Illness with Activity?

If you’ve ever encountered clients who insist on exercising while sick, this infographic from Precision Nutrition is a good resource. The author discusses types of symptoms and their intensity, and how this is a potential determining factor when deciding to exercise when sick. In most cases, it’s recommended to stick with lower intensity forms of activity, such as walking or yoga. View the full article here.


2. Yoga Benefits Youth

This article from IDEA Fitness Journal explores the benefits of yoga for teens and children. In a recent study, researchers discovered that yoga may have a positive influence on youth in areas of self-confidence, body awareness, physical fitness and social interactions. This is especially important during a time when young people have increased stressors as a result of growing up in a highly globalized world. View the full article here.

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3. Sleep: Key Fitness Component

Sleep is one element of fitness that is easy to neglect, and this article from Fitfluential explains why it’s so important. Not only does getting adequate sleep provide energy and fuel muscle growth, but recent research also suggests that sleep is a key factor in injury prevention. Sleep can also improve your sprinting times, as well as boost your immune system. View the full article here.


4. Nutrient Hacks

According to this article from Greatist, many Americans do not get enough of certain nutrients vital for optimal health. Due to the increase in processed foods in the past 100 years, more Americans than ever are suffering from chronic illness due to a lack of necessary nutrients. The author suggests that unrefined foods are best for getting high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. View the full article here.

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5. Running Can Strengthen Bones

While there is no definitive answer on whether or not it is advisable to run if you have osteoporosis, this article from the New York Times Well blog sheds some light on the matter. If your doctor tells that you are at a low risk for bone fractures, running or jogging may actually be beneficial. This is because running “introduces” the bones to loading and pounding, which prompts bones to become stronger. View the full article here.

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