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Fitness tracking app for smart fitness clothes

Are You Ready For Smart Workout Clothes?

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / May 10, 2021

A research breakthrough increases the likelihood that sensors in smart workout clothes will soon provide valuable performance data.

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Wearable tracker measures metabolite levels

New Wearables Can Measure Body Chemistry

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / April 5, 2021

A new wearable tracker can measure—in almost real time—multiple metabolic markers and metabolite levels, formerly measurable only in a lab.

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Wearable tech

New Era of Wearable Technologies

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / January 25, 2021

Innovations in soft and wearable electronics will soon make personal fitness monitoring possible in all types of conditions.

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Physical Activity and Competition

Add Competition to Boost Benefits of Wearables

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / December 18, 2019

If you use wearables with clients, consider adding competitive challenges to improve results. University of Pennsylvania and Deloitte Consulting LLP researchers found that simply giving wearables to people in the workplace did not increase physical activity; the key was to add fun and competition.

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