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Fruits and vegetables for a healthy microbiome

Coloring for a Healthy Microbiome

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / October 3, 2022

Colorful fruits and vegetables help you load up on important nutrients and antioxidants. And may also foster a more healthy microbiome.

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Bowl of salad for bone health and nutrition

Bone Health and Nutrition

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / April 1, 2022

A study linking bone health and nutrition found that eating vegetables for 2 months can improve bone health and strength.

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Bowl of salad containing flavonoids

Flavonoids = Brain Food

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / December 6, 2021

Flavonoids, found in many colorful fruits and veggies, act as antioxidants in the body and can protect our brains from oxidative damage.

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Dad helping young daughter eat more vegetables

Kids Eat More Vegetables With Bigger Portions

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / November 9, 2021

Most parents agree that it can be a challenge to get their young kids to eat more vegetables, but a study suggests bigger portions can help.

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Salad to show nitrates in vegetables

Nitrates in Vegetables Help Build Muscle

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / September 7, 2021

While protein is the go-to nutrient for building strong muscles, new research suggests that nitrates in vegetables are important, too.

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Fruit and vegetable consumption

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Down

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / July 7, 2021

10% is the drop in daily fruit and vegetable consumption among a range of American age groups since 2004, according to research.

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A man watering plants in his pandemic garden

Pandemic Gardens Are Growing

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / June 7, 2021

Life with COVID-19 has driven more people outside with trowel and kale seeds in hand, and pandemic gardens are on the rise.

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An older man and woman eating their 5 servings of fruits and vegetables

5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / June 7, 2021

A study found that the long-standing public health message of “5 A Day”—5 servings of fruit and vegetables—is worth embracing.

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Mental health habits

Three Pillars of Mental Health

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / May 10, 2021

Recent research findings identify these three healthy behaviors as predictive of good mental health and well-being among young adults.

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Carrot graphic communicating with megaphone

Beta-Carotene for Vitamin A

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / May 10, 2021

Beta-carotene is found in certain fruits and vegetables and our bodies can convert the beta-carotene we consume into vitamin A.

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Recommended Vegetable Intake for Teens

Recommended Vegetable Intake for Teens

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / April 5, 2021

According to an analysis by the CDC, only 2% of high school students in the U.S. are meeting the recommended vegetable intake.

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Women, Fiber and Breast Cancer

By Sandy Todd Webster / May 9, 2016

Women who eat more high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood—especially lots of fruits and vegetables—may have significantly lower breast cancer risk than those who eat less dietary fiber when young, according to a large-scale study led by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

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