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Older woman with dumbbells using muscle strengthening for longevity

Muscle Strengthening for Longevity

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / December 13, 2022

Research shows some benefits of using muscle strengthening for longevity, as strengthening activities are linked with a lower risk of death.

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Woman strength training for veganism and bone fractures risk

Strength Training, Veganism and Bone Fractures

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / December 13, 2022

People on a vegan diet have an increased bone fracture risk. A new study offers ways to address the risk of veganism and bone fractures.

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Breast cancer survivor doing strength training

Breast Cancer Survivors Benefit From Strength Training

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / September 13, 2022

Researchers in evaluated the benefits of endurance, resistance, or combined endurance and resistance training for breast cancer survivors.

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Man with lean body mass

Keep the Lean Body Mass

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / September 13, 2022

Researchers found that higher volumes of resistance training with lower loads were better for female athletes for preserving lean body mass.

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Dumbbell representing Rating of Perceived Exertion

Is Rating of Perceived Exertion Effective for Program Design?

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / September 13, 2022

Are you using the rating of perceived exertion (RPE) during strength training sessions with clients? If not, you may want to try it.

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Trainer teaching strength training for youth

Strength Training for Youth

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / September 8, 2022

If you train kids, are you including youth strength training? Researchers share evidence-based benefits of training as early as age 5–7.

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Training volume with kettlebells

Training Volume: Low Load Versus High Load

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / June 13, 2022

A new study provides insight into whether to go heavy with fewer reps or to go lighter for more training volume if the goal is muscle growth.

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Older women and weight training

Older Women and Weight Training

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / April 1, 2022

In a study on older women and weight training, researchers found that participants experienced more pleasure with moderate-level resistance.

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Older woman lifting for muscular hypertrophy

Lifting for Muscular Hypertrophy

By Zachary Mang, PhD / March 14, 2022

This article provides you with the evidence-based tools to help clients make a strong start in increasing muscular hypertrophy.

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Group of young people training outside with a split workout

Split Workout Routines Versus Total-Body Training

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / November 9, 2021

Which strength training protocol is more effective for young male clients: a split workout or total-body training? It depends on their goals.

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loaded movement

Loaded Movement 101

By Michol Dalcourt / November 1, 2021

Studying biological and morphological behaviors reveals key basic adaptations inherent in the human body. Namely, changing postures and taking on external loads are critical to our health and survival.

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An older woman power training for muscle strength

Power Training for Older Clients

By Judy Minich / October 5, 2021

Power training for your active agers can be a vital part of programming. By helping your clients maintain speed, you will do them the service of training them for the sport of life.

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Are Functional HIIT Workouts the Fountain of Youth?

By Sandy Todd Webster / August 16, 2021

How functional HIIT workouts can slow aging, improve mobility, increase strength and power, and deliver metabolic conditioning with impact.

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