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An older woman power training for muscle strength

Power Training for Older Clients

By Judy Minich / October 5, 2021

Power training for your active agers can be a vital part of programming. By helping your clients maintain speed, you will do them the service of training them for the sport of life.

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Athletes performing complex training movements

Complex Training Workout for Athletes

By Alicia Filley, MS, PT / September 3, 2021

To make the most of athletic training, take a look at complex training, which combines strength training with plyometric drills.

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Are Functional HIIT Workouts the Fountain of Youth?

By Sandy Todd Webster / August 16, 2021

How functional HIIT workouts can slow aging, improve mobility, increase strength and power, and deliver metabolic conditioning with impact.

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Basketball player power training

Neuromuscular Power Training for Athlete Clients

By Len Kravitz, PhD / February 13, 2019

To help clients with power training, you need to understand the fundamentals of neuromuscular power development.

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