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Woman with acute inflammation

R.I.C.E. Versus M.E.A.T.: What Method Is Best for Acute Inflammation?

By Rick Richey, PhD / December 5, 2023

A look at the R.I.C.E. method and why new research indicates using something called the M.E.A.T. method for acute inflammation may be better.

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Man using strength training for inflammation

Strength Training and Inflammation

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / June 6, 2023

Continue to emphasize strength training for inflammation with your older adult clients, as new research adds insight into potential benefits.

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Body fat

Exercise for Body Fat Health

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / March 7, 2023

Moderate- and high-intensity continuous training over 12 weeks improves body fat tissue structure and boosts metabolism.

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Cup of milk to show the link between dairy and inflammation

Dairy and Inflammation

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / December 6, 2021

Inflammation is a player in many chronic conditions, so people tend to pay attention to internet chatter about dairy and inflammation.

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Kids exercising to reduce inflammation in kids

Physical Activity Reduces Inflammation in Kids

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / November 9, 2021

Physical activity sets children up for a healthier life. And here’s yet another reason to encourage fitness related to inflammation in kids.

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Person shopping for vegetable oils

Vegetable Oils and Inflammation

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / November 9, 2021

Scientists suggest that vegetable oils can raise inflammation levels in the body and raise the risk for certain health conditions.

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diabesity wordss

What is Diabesity?

By Judy Minich / October 15, 2021

Diabesity is a common cause of chronic inflammation, so it’s important for fit pros to have a basic understanding of what it is and how it can affect clients. Here, Len Kravitz, PhD, Gabriella Bellissimo, MA and Jessica Smith, MS, CSCS, explain this relatively new term.

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Causes of inflammation

How Exercise Helps Inflammation

By Len Kravitz, PhD / June 11, 2021

Regular exercise helps inflammation as an effective protector and treatment against chronic diseases associated with low-grade inflammation.

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Person with psoriasis

The Psoriasis-Fitness Connection

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / May 10, 2021

Young men with the lowest fitness levels had a 35% higher risk of developing psoriasis than those with the highest fitness levels.

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inflammation in runner's knee

Inflammation Reduced by Muscle Cells

By Shirley Eichenberger-Archer, JD, MA / May 10, 2021

Research offers insight into how much and what type of exercise may help reduce systemic inflammation and promote a healthy immune system.

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Phytoestrogens and the Safety of Soy

By Konstantin Yakimchuck, MD, PhD / August 21, 2018

Are phytoestrogens safe? The growing popularity of soy products in U.S. and European diets has raised considerable controversy.

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Exercise and inflammation

Exercise and Inflammation

By Charlie Hoolihan / October 24, 2008

As fitness professionals, we know that exercise can help boost the body’s immune system. But did you know that physical activity can actually produce an inflammatory response, leading to chronic inflammation? And when a body becomes chronically inflamed, a host of negative and potentially injurious conditions can result.

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