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UPDATE 11/30: As mentioned course access is inaccessible at this time. We expect it to be live by 12/8 or sooner. Please check back for updates. Thank you for your patience.


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Child holding lunch tray to represent combatting hunger in America

Tackling Hunger in America

By Sarah Kolvas / March 7, 2023

The Biden-Harris Administration hosted a conference to outline changes needed to end hunger in America and increase healthy eating.

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Woman holding clock to expose meal timing myths

5 Meal-Timing Myths Exposed

By Michelle Alencar, PhD / February 4, 2022

Share the truth about these 5 meal timing myths to guide your clients toward meeting their goals and improving their nutrition.

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Fork and clock to represent hunger and blood sugar

Hunger and Blood Sugar Linked

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / September 7, 2021

Comparing what happened when 1,070 participants ate the same test meals, researchers found a link between hunger and blood sugar responses.

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Exercise and appetite

Appetite For Exercise, Not Food

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / March 7, 2021

Scientists determined that lactate—a byproduct of intense exercise—suppressed levels of ghrelin and bumped up levels of other hormones that reduce appetite.

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Myths About Meal Timing and Frequency

By Michelle Alencar, PhD / September 11, 2019

Which is better: eating five or more small meals or fasting for 16 hours a day? There are a lot of opinions about the optimal timing of meals. Whether your clients are trying to lose weight or gain muscle, chances are they have heard of meal frequency and meal timing, which are common terms used interchangeably to talk about dietary eating patterns. However, all the talk has created a mythology around the “right” way to eat. It’s time to separate myth from reality by looking beyond opinions and focusing on the science.

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