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Graphic of heart rhythms to show atrial fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation in Athletes

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / November 9, 2021

For athletes, the risk of experiencing irregular heart rhythms, known as atrial fibrillation, is 2.5 times higher than it is for nonathletes.

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Person sleeping in bed

Exercise and Sleep

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / September 27, 2021

Physical activity can mitigate the risk from poor sleep. This insight on exercise and sleep is according to new research findings.

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Salt Sensitivity and high blood pressure

Salt Sensitivity and High Blood Pressure

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / September 7, 2021

More than 100 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure. A new study took a fresh look at the role of salt sensitivity.

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Carrot graphic communicating with megaphone

Beta-Carotene for Vitamin A

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / May 10, 2021

Beta-carotene is found in certain fruits and vegetables and our bodies can convert the beta-carotene we consume into vitamin A.

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Fried food and heart disease risk

Fried Food Increases Heart Disease Risk

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / April 5, 2021

A review found that people who ate the highest amount of fried food per week had higher risks of heart disease, such a heart attack or stroke.

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Fructose and glucose linked to heart disease

Fructose and Glucose Health Hazards

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / March 8, 2021

Consuming the high-fructose corn syrup appears to be linked to heart disease risk, mainly because it contains both fructose and glucose.

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Omega-3 fatty acids and heart disease

Mega Heart-Healthy Fat

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / March 8, 2021

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death in America, but omega-3 fatty acids can help, according to a review on cardiovascular disease prevention.

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Married couples and heart disease

Married Couples Share Risk Factors

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / January 25, 2021

Small-group personal training may benefit married couples, as nearly 80% of them share heart disease risk factors and behaviors.

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Exercise and longevity and hear disease

Move More for Longer Life and Less Heart Disease

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / January 25, 2021

Increasing physical activity is one of the most important ways to increase longevity and reduce the risk of heart disease, according to researchers.

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