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High-Intensity Interval Training for Fat Loss

By Len Kravitz, PhD / May 11, 2018

Two recent studies reveal that high-intensity interval training has the ability to produce high-impact fitness gains in a short time frame.

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Shock at health news

Health News: Fact or Fiction?

By Amanda Vogel, MA / June 12, 2017

A flood of faulty health news information online has surged in the past few years, experts say. Fitness pros are hardly immune.

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Exercise and inflammation

Exercise and Inflammation

By Charlie Hoolihan / October 24, 2008

As fitness professionals, we know that exercise can help boost the body’s immune system. But did you know that physical activity can actually produce an inflammatory response, leading to chronic inflammation? And when a body becomes chronically inflamed, a host of negative and potentially injurious conditions can result.

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