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Woman using anger as a tool for growth.

Anger: A Tool to Help Us Thrive

By Judy Minich / May 4, 2021

Anger is a normal human emotion, part of both our lives and our work. And while we instinctively want our clients to train happy, understanding and leveraging angry feelings can have some positive results.

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Men and group exercise

How to Increase Men’s Physical Activity

By Shirley Archer-Eichenberger, JD, MA / January 11, 2021

Program directors vying to attract male participants to group exercise classes may want to consider men-only programming to increase physical activity.

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Health at Any Size

Embracing Health at Every Size

By IDEA Authors / June 25, 2019

People who have worked to lose weight may have found that achieving short-term weight loss is relatively easy. But weight loss success all too often ends in weight regain. Soon, dieters embark on a new diet, launching a round of weight cycling that wreaks havoc on the body and causes many problems routinely blamed on obesity.

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behavior modification

Behavior Modification Strategies

By IDEA Authors / December 13, 2016

Behavior modification can be a tricky thing when it’s just you and your client working through challenging issues. But what happens when others are proving to be obstacles to progress? IDEA asked a handful of fitness professionals how they assist or advise clients whose friends and family may be sabotaging their efforts to get healthy. 
I often ask clients about their social habits and suggest, for example, that "girls' night out" could be replaced by a fun activity that does not revolve around eating. Discussing strategies with clients in preparation for events like that is often helpful.

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Willpower is not require to make health new habits.

The “Willpower Trap”

By Judy Minich / June 8, 2016

Are you trying to lose weight, eat more healthfully or stop smoking? Have you tried to change but not been able to do so? Do you chalk it up to lack of willpower? The good news is that willpower has very little to do with whether we can kick our lifelong bad habits.

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happy exerciser

Fitness Motivation Research and Reality

By Len Kravitz, PhD / December 8, 2010

Although the list of exercise benefits is impressive, it is apparent that just hearing about them does not assure consistent exercise compliance in most individuals. Regular exercise is a complex, multifactorial behavior that fitness professionals and scientists need to understand better in order to help clients stay active and healthy.

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