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Masters athletes running

Fueling Masters Athletes for Performance and Health

By Peter Nickless, PhD, DC / March 14, 2022

We explore how a targeted nutritional program can support physical activity of masters athletes and improve their quality of life.

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Two older adults doing physical activity in later life

Physical Activity in Later Life Still Beneficial

By Sarah Kolvas / August 27, 2021

Inactive people may have a second chance. Increasing physical activity in later life benefits benefits life expectancy, according to a study.

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Citrus and vitamin C for muscle growth

Vote Citrus for More Muscle

By Matthew Kadey, MS, RD / March 8, 2021

A study published in The Journal of Nutrition found that adults with the highest levels of vitamin C had more skeletal muscle growth.

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Resistance training older adults

Resistance Training for Older Adults: New NSCA Position Stand

By Len Kravitz, PhD / December 18, 2019

Resistance Training for older adults is pivotal for thwarting the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle and aging.

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Training Techniques for High-Performance Masters Athletes

By Charlie Hoolihan / October 14, 2019

Trainers and coaches can use examples of elite performances and aging research to develop training protocols for masters athletes.

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Functional Aging and Hormone Health

By Maria Luque, PhD, MS, CHES / October 11, 2018

Understanding functional aging and the impact of activity on hormones can arm fitness trainers to help clients with their active aging goals.

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Phytoestrogens and the Safety of Soy

By Konstanin Yakimchuk, MD, PhD / August 21, 2018

Are phytoestrogens safe? The growing popularity of soy products in U.S. and European diets has raised considerable controversy.

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Skeletal Health Graphic

Boning Up on Skeletal Health

By Maria Luque, PhD, MS, CHES / June 21, 2018

Skeletal health is just as important as heart health.

Bones form the frame that keeps our bodies from collapsing and serve as a bank for minerals essential to multiple bodily functions. In fact, 99% of the body’s calcium is found in the bones and teeth (NIH n.d.). The skeleton anchors everything fitness professionals deal with every day: muscles, joints, tendons, the whole kinetic chain.

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Graphic of human body and skeleton to show bone loss

Bone Loss: A Primer

By Maria Luque, PhD, MS, CHES / May 9, 2018

Bone loss is a normal part of aging, and understanding it can help fitness professionals to develop preventive strategies for their clients.

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