Woman with 2 Hip Replacements Constant Pain Feels Better

Submitted by: Nitasha Canine

Susan's Success Story

My journey began after August 2003 when my life as I knew it would cease to exist because of a failed total hip replacement surgery. My surgeon placed parts in my body that were too large and the cup in an incorrect position which all resulted in a leg 3/4" longer than the other one. This created multiple problems, such as, Piriformis Syndrome, Meralgia Paresthetica, Bursitis, and Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome, and many more all accompanied with much pain. It took 6 months to find an orthopedic surgeon that would completely redo another total hip replacement surgery. My second surgeon corrected the size of the parts but could not reposition the cup so when I walk my body still twists and my leg flares out which created many problems walking, sitting and standing too long. I have been told I would be using my cane for the rest of my life. All of the above kept me partially bedridden for over two years. I had been sent to different physical therapists and none had the skills and knowledge until my dad discovered Nitasha and to date I have been in massage therapy with her for approximately one year and will probably need to continue the rest of my life. Nitasha has been gifted far above your average massage therapist with amazing skills and the confidence to change your life. Nitasha really cares about your progress and offers many solutions to make your life more pain free and complete. I would recommend Nitasha to anyone seeking to find a skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist in your journey to see amazing results. After receiving massage therapy from Nitasha, I have learned so much about my body and my muscle structure, how different muscle group work in relationship to my complete body. I can now accomplish more every day tasks that most people take for granted.