Visiting Vegas and Needed a Trainer!

Submitted by: Melissa Batterman

Lisa W.'s Success Story

Mel, I just wanted to say thanks for personal training me while I was in Las Vegas.

Why did I do personal training while I was visiting Las Vegas? I figured instead of spending the money in the slots, I would do something that would be better for me. It was hard at first, but I was excited to head down to the gym every morning for your fabulous workout routine.

I am now training for a marathon with some people from work. The written workout routine you set up for me is great! Of course I don’t overdo it, but if it weren’t for meeting you I would not be doing this marathon.

Thank you so very much for all your help you’re the BEST!

Keep up the good work and when I am in Las Vegas I will definitely be contacting you. Also, if there is anyone I know is going to Las Vegas and wants to seek out a personal trainer; I will be giving out your name.

Lisa W.
Windsor, Canada