Suzi's transformation

Submitted by: Kelly Itsell

Suzi's Success Story

Fitness you can live with could not be any happier with the transformation of Suzi, she has come a long way physically and mentally since we first met a few years ago.
She had looked to food for so long as a type of comfort for whatever was going on in her life happy or sad times and it was not always the best choices in foods. Her relationship with food has now changed into a much healthier way, she does not NEED certain foods to make her feel temporarily better, she simply eats clean nutritious foods all throughout her day and if she wants to splurge on something like a hamburger or some ice cream she does it and she knows that its ok to have these things every once in awhile. Another major change Suzi has made is MOVING...moving her body on a daily basis. Just getting up and getting active every single day, doesn't matter what it is just as long as you are enjoying it. She does not spend hours and hours in the gym and you don't need to do that to get health and lose weight and be happy with your body. Just move is her motto!
Keeping it realistic is what has really helped Suzi shed the excess weight that she was carrying around, after all she works full time and has a family so she needed to find a system that worked for her schedule, not just for a quick fix but for the remainder of her life. When I see her now I see a lot of self confidence in her and she always has such a positive glow around her! She is truly an inspiration as she continues to thrive and get healthy she is adding quality years onto her life! You can catch Suzi and say hello to her on Saturdays at the Brighton Farmers market where she sells her amazing handmade jewelry, I highly recommend!
Good work Suzi! Rock out & keep up the amazing work!
— with Suzi Palarchio Klepinger.


Suzi Before


Suzi After