Pam's Fitness Spotlight

Submitted by: Heydi Lopez

Pam's Success Story

I started working with Pam towards the end of last year and I immediately saw her great potential. No matter what I threw at her during our workouts, she was determined to get it right and give her 100%. I felt that Pam was hungry for more, hungry for life. All Pam needed was the right tools to bring Habits of Health into her life. Pam has lost a total of 45 pounds so far and SHE IS NOT DONE YET! Here is Pam in her own words:
“My biggest struggle in my journey towards becoming healthy has always been confusing diets complicated by the time consuming tasks of shopping and preparing healthy meals that go along with an active lifestyle. In March 2014 Heydi introduced me to the Take Shape for Life program. I started the TSFL program on March 3rd and I am currently about half way to my goal. The TSFL plan takes the confusion out of eating healthy and makes it easy for me. Having Heydi for a health coach has provided me with the support and accountability that I need in order to be successful. Heydi is a great resource when I have questions and has been there to help me jump over any hurdles that have arisen. In May, I added an additional day of fitness training to my weekly routine, which allows me to work with Coach Rod Key. Having both of them as part of my support system makes me even more confident that I will be successful in achieving my immediate goal of optimal health. My long-term goals are to learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to learn how to run.”


Pam Before