Pain in the Back

Submitted by: Jessica Muddiman

Jessica's Success Story

Client had obtained a lower back injury and was told by her Dr. that the only way for her to feel better would be through an invasive surgery that would taker her out of work and away from her family for a few weeks!! Jess came to me as a last resort. She has worked with me for almost a full year and has had NO back pain at all since we started, in the gym and out!!!

From Jess O. "My name is Jessica O. I have been working out with Jess as my trainer since April. I have three dislocated discs on my lower back and two on my neck.

There were days that I woke up in the morning to take my daughter to school and go to work but could not get out of bed. The pain was excruciating! I have tried it all. Chiropractor, therapy, pain management, you name it, I tried it. I decided to try to work with a trainer. It was the best decision I have made. I can do more, my pain has decreased immensely and I feel better about myself. Thanks to Jess, my trainer, I feel better physically and emotionally. Thank you, Jess, for your dedication to making people feel better.