Motivation and Support for High BP, Diabetes, Cancer

Submitted by: Aleta Doddema

Judy's Success Story

Good Morning, Last year I was diagnose with high blood pressure and diabetes and breast cancer (stage 4). That was a lot to take in one doctor's appointment. I was give drugs for the high blood pressure and diabetes and went through chemo and a mastectomy for the breast cancer. I was very out of shape before all of this an exercise and diet were not something I was interested in. Then after the treatments and surgery I knew that I would have to make some life style changes. So in November I start a diet under a doctors supervision. I lost 10 pounds and was sure I was on the right track to improve my health. Then in December I developed lymphedema of the left arm and only lost a pound. In January I started PT. still didn't lose the weight. I went back to my doctors and found out that the some of the drugs I am taking cause can cause you to gain weight.

I was going to have to do more that diet. That is when I met Aleta. She got me to sign up for the Health Center and worked out a program for me. Include light weights for my left arm. This has help keep my lymphedema under control. She has been such a big help in keeping me motivated with her support and words of encouragement. She give you the feeling that she cares about you and your success regardless of how far you have to go. Checking in every other week has help me be accountable. I lost about 10 lbs the first month working with her and about 8 the next month. I wish I could say everything is now working great, but I now have cancer again unrelated to the breast cancer. I will only have to undergo surgery as it is in the very early stage. Because of the work I have been doing with Aleta I am in better shape. In preparing for the up coming surgery I had to have a heart scan and stress test. I feel that the program Aleta develop to improve my cardio help me pass with flying colors. I have also been taken off one of the meds for diabetes. I was ready to put my program on hold until after the surgery, but Aleta came thought again tell me that if I continue to workout it will be easier to resume when I come back. So I keep going. I feel that I will have a better recovery and look forward to getting back on track of reaching by goals with Aleta's help.”