Lost over 100 pounds!

Jackie's Success Story

For many years Jackie was Morbidly Obese and not living life but suffering. A survivor of Ovarian Cancer and with an active autoimmune disease, lack of exercise and powerful steroids and a host of medicines only made her weight gain worse.

Finally having had enough and being told she only had a few years to live, with a Doctor's help she decided to begin dieting, moving, eating healthy and Living again!

She started coming to Snap Fitness for elliptical cardio at first and some easy weight training. "It was not easy at first and there were many days I wanted to give up...But wanting to live and be healthy was more important to me. I have a life to live and a family I love. So I found a routine I could stick to and do. I really liked the weight machines and barbells and gravitated towards that."

"As I got healthier, I wanted to sculpt and tone my muscles. I know as a woman I don't have to worry about being an Arnold Schwarzenegger but I wanted a strong, fit and toned look. Rapid weight loss often causes a lot of loose skin, and putting healthy muscle underneath can make even a 47 year old like me look good!" Today she can lift weight as well as many men and looks great.

"I feel like I am 25 again, and I love sculpting my body and meeting friends at the gym. Each day I get (physically) stronger can do more weights and that is a huge mental and spiritual high".