Living with Parkinson's Disease

Submitted by: Danielle Vindez

Fred Kaufman's Success Story

I met Danielle in 1999. She worked as a master personal trainer in a gym near us. Shortly after joining the gym, I was diagnosed with the early stage of Parkinson’s Disease (PD). My neurologist treated the disease with medication with a strong exercise program. The objectives of the exercise program were:

• Strengthen muscles to compensate for abilities lost due to PD
• Build positive morale
• Anticipate PD-caused progressive loss of mobility, balance and endurance

Seniors are prone to have multiple health problems. I was no exception. The exercises Danielle used specifically considered both PD as well as my other limitations, e.g., frozen shoulders. The exercise plan was reviewed by Danielle regularly and revised accordingly. I regained my shoulder range of motion and the effects of PD stabilized. I was a happy camper. My neurologist and my family were also pleased. An unexpected benefit of the exercise was my cholesterol numbers—all got in the normal range.

Parkinson’s is a progressive disease. Mine worsened in the fall 2007. It caused serious rigidity, stability and stamina problems. It is a major challenge to implement a program that would compensate for the rapid onset of PD.

With our neurologist’s concurrence, we set up a gym at home. Setting up a home gym can be complicated, expensive and take a long time. We have a recumbent bike, which is the only complicated equipment we have. The rest of the gym is made up of simple, inexpensive items that, while not glitzy, do the job. We arranged for Danielle to come three times a week (for an hour each time). I fill in between times doing the bike and stretching exercise.

Parkinson’s is a movement disorder and Danielle is effective because she understands muscles, their impact on the rest of the body and how a client’s body reacts. She doesn’t let PD reversals get her or her clients down. Danielle is able to identify and sort out constructive and corrective actions from a complex environment such as PD.

Danielle’s behavior is highly professional and at the same time friendly. She is prompt but can be flexible with schedule conflicts. She is trustworthy—I’m pleased to have her in my home.

Parkinson’s Disease is a tough foe. Danielle gives me the best ability to successfully fight it.

Fred Kaufman
Rancho Palos Verdes. California


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