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Submitted by: Paul D Bradley

I'm respecting the client's wish not to have name or photos released. 's Success Story

Client lost 30 pound in a 3-4 month period. Also improved core function and overall strength.
I monitored and progressed programs to keep the client motivated and excited. Helped client eliminate pain and discomfort of a problematic area in lower extremity by improving gait cycle by utilizing stretches and strengthening exercises. (More below)

Previously sedentary adult female. Designed successful program consisting of resistance, flexibility and cardio training. Resistance mostly consisted of bodyweight and free weight exercises to gain strength and improve core function. Bodyweight exercises were done while standing, using a wall, or exercise mat on the floor. The client's cardio conditioning was a combination of steady state and some high intensity intervals, with limited use of sprints. She utilized a treadmill for high incline walking/running, and also ran on a local track and nature trail. Her conditioning also included long walks for low intensity on some days.