I lost over 100 pounds!

Submitted by: Bill Ross

Courtney 's Success Story

A journey started one year ago, it was just another attempt at losing weight. Sure, join a club, hire a trainer for three sessions, what could it hurt? I can learn all I need to in those three sessions right? Always remaining in the back of my mind, this is just another failure waiting to happen. So what changed that notion?? He did.

It was May 31st, the day my life changed for the better. I walked through those doors into a new world, definitely leaving behind the old one. I really wish I could say that I wasn’t scared, but that would be a lie. I was walking into something I knew I had to do, but had the distinct possibility of failing at. This day, I was assigned Bill Ross. Really how bad could it be? All I had was a name, no face to go with that name. So I searched the trainer’s wall looking for that one name“and there he is. The toughest looking guy on the wall. Oh what have I done!

I was given a trainer that genuinely cares about every one of his clients. During our first 30 minutes of meeting each other, I knew what plan he had in mind to help me in reaching my overall goals. It was the first time that I actually felt like this may work. And it has!

Before this journey I had the worse eating and exercise habits. I was used to eating one meal a day and usually that was dinner. And let’s just say that I most likely consumed 3000 calories in that one meal. I was a very big emotional eater. I had no problem coming home from a bad day at work and demolishing a whole bag of potato chips or container of ice cream. Well this would explain why I weighed so much. My idea of exercise was walking back and forth from the recliner to the refrigerator or the office chair to the soda machine.

I have trained with Bill for 16 months now, with a total weight loss of over 100 pounds. In these 16 months, Bill has taught me how I need to exercise to have the optimum calorie burn, as well as how to change my eating habits to maintain the weekly weight loss. I achieved this by setting a routine of going to the gym twice a day to do cardio, and then maintaining a strict dedication of training with Bill four times a week. I won’t lie; this has been tough at times. There has been numerous times where I have wanted to give up, but Bill is always there to help me push harder to further reach those goals and succeed.

When I first met Bill, I was a shy, unconfident person. My self esteem was at an all time low. I hated the way I looked and felt. It was hard for me to look at myself in the mirror without feeling disappointment. My wardrobe consisted of big baggie clothing. I always wore shirts that hung down and didn’t show the fat. Since my transformation, I have started wearing clothing that shows off the curves. I have dropped four sizes in my shirts and ten sizes in my pants. Nothing feels better than being able to shop in the “normal” section of the stores, instead of having to go to the big girl stores.

I have finally gained the confidence and self esteem to walk with my head held high and proud. I now have no issues with checking myself out in a mirror and telling myself “damn you look good!” Even though I am still in my journey and have reached the hardest point so far, I have all the confidence in the world that I will get to my goal weight. With all of my dedication and the constant pushing and encouragement from Bill, together we shall both succeed. I don’t know what I would have done if I had not gotten the chance to have this incredible person in my life. I have not only gained a trainer but a friend for life. There are no words that could thank him enough for what he has helped me become. He has helped me achieve my ultimate goal“to be thinner and confident about who I am!


Courtney  Before


Courtney  After

Bill Ross

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