Submitted by: Kimberly Richardson

Jayde's Success Story

The whole experience with Kimberly was wonderful and I am looking forward to the opportunity to experience Hellerwork again.
The easiness of the flow within the sessions showed Kimberly’s confidence and great understanding of the techniques, and her own appreciation, respect and enthusiasm for this modality was clearly present making the process that much more interesting and enjoyable for me.
Although the work itself was deep, I never felt soreness or discomfort at any time or the following day. The session where the practitioner has to work through the nasal cavities was remarkable and I loved the experience. The different set series was unique for me to receive and enjoyed the progression of the work.
I always felt balanced after a session, more energized and lively, even feeling more at peace inside of me from the release of general tension and stress.
As I am physically very active and at the time of the sessions was working through old and present injuries, the only draw back for me was the spacing of the sessions that I received. It was a bit to spread out and I believe I would have made quicker progress with this wonderful technique if the meetings had been closer to one another. I do understand that it may have not been possible at the time for Kimberly and I to meet more regularly especially since she was following directions from her counselor for her practice sessions as well as our respective schedule limitations. So I am looking forward to experience this work again perhaps in a different context and hopefully with Kimberly ☺!
I would recommend Kimberly Richardson to any of my friends and clients. In my eyes she is not only a great practitioner and represent Hellerwork very well but her professionalism combined with her wonderful personality is a powerful blend which will successfully attract her many happy clients.

Santa Monica, Ca