Heather Marsh

Submitted by: Robert Quimby

Heather's Success Story

I would like to say thank you for helping me get in
shape. When I started working out in early February,
I was at 26% body fat. In less than 5 months, I've
dropped 3% body fat, and I'm continuing to turn more
fat into muscle. My clothes fit better, and I've got
more energy, too. Even after losing a lot of weight
on my own, I was really out of shape and diet alone
wasn't working anymore. At 27, I'm now in better
shape than I've ever been, and I actually like working
out! Your friendliness and encouragement also play a
big part. If I had to do this on my own, or with a
"drill sergeant" trainer, I would have quit. It's
great to have a motivating trainer that knows how to
get results!




Heather Before


Heather After