Getting a Real Handle on Type II Diabetes and Heart Disease

Submitted by: Maurie Bailey Cofman

Glen Light's Success Story

As a 66 year old male, I have been a Type 2, non-insulin dependent Diabetic for 14 years, congestive heart failure 12 years ago and have high blood pressure. About 9 months ago, my spouse and I decided to enlist the services of Maurie Cofman, my personal trainer, in order to get a more balanced exercise program. The results have been remarkable! I have been able to reduce my daily diabetic medication by 75%. I also have more energy, my muscle tone has increase significantly and I have a better outlook on life. Recently, I went in to see my cardiologist, who was also very impressed with my results. My heart is stronger and clearer and now I don’t need to have a stress test every year. Now I consider the two most important people in my health program are my doctor, who I see every 3 months, and my trainer, Maurie, who I see twice a week.”

Glen Light,
Retired computer analyst


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