From Beginner Runner to Marathoner

Submitted by: Shannon Stoughton

Amy's Success Story

Hi everyone! Meet long time client Amy. When Amy started working with me, she had just begun training for a 10k race. She was going through the aches and pains most beginner runners go through- knee, ankle and back pain. We worked on a strengthening regimen to start building-up the muscles around the knees, ankles, quads and hamstrings. We also worked on strengthening the abdnominal and back muscles. We talked about things like being relaxed through the upper body, shoulders and keeping lose hands while running. All this training helped Amy not only run the 10k race she originally signed-up for, but got her through her first marathon- the Marine Corp. Marathon. She remains a client today- continuing her resistance training in order to maintain the strength, endurance and stability she has worked so hard to build. So proud of Amy!

Here's what Amy has to say in her own words, as follows:

I've been working with Shannon since January 2010, shortly after I started running to get back in shape after having two kids. I knew I'd need a goal to keep myself motivated during the winter months, so I registered for a ten-mile race scheduled for April. With Shannon to help get me fit, I trained for and ran that ten-miler and many other races, and in May of last year I started training for my first marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30, with a program through my local running club. As I ramped up the mileage and worked on my sock tan, Shannon's workouts were the perfect complement to all the running. I credit her for keeping me strong and healthy throughout my training, up until two days before the marathon, when I suffered a grade 2 sprained ankle from being my usual klutzy self on the front steps of our house! Somehow I still managed to run the entire 26.2 miles, which was an amazing experience from start to finish, and I'm now training for my second and third marathons. I will turn forty this year, and I can say without a doubt that I've never been in better shape in my whole life.

Congratulations Amy!

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