Fit at 60+

Submitted by: Marion Bolding

Carole's Success Story

I have been a client of Marion’s since May 2008. Not only do I take personal training sessions with Marion twice a week, but I take her weekly Pilates class.

There is no question in my mind that my general health has improved. I know that I would not have achieved the improved body /mind awareness that I have today if I had not had my personal training sessions with Marion. In fact, as a 60 + woman, I feel better than I did 20 years ago.

In the time that I have trained with Marion, I have increased my strength and endurance and am improving my balance and stability, all of the goals that Marion and I set for me. She tailors her workouts to meet my individual needs, demonstrating and teaching me proper form and technique for each exercise. Marion varies my routines and constantly challenges me as she targets different muscle groups, includes aerobics, balance, and endurance, while offering encouragement.

As a result of taking Pilates with her, my core strength and flexibility have improved and I am more aware of my body and posture. In these group sessions, Marion demonstrates proper form by example. She does not just lead, she teaches. And, as a teacher, Marion checks each participant’s form, making adjustments when needed and providing positive feedback.

Marion’s knowledge, skill and expertise are evident in her individualized programs that show her awareness of my strengths and weaknesses and her teaching by example. It is evident that Marion continues her education because, after returning from a workshop, she incorporates those skills into our workouts sessions.