Finally Found My Trainer!

Submitted by: Molly Kujawski

Linda's Success Story

"I have wanted to hire a personal trainer for the last couple of years but, like many others, I procrastinated. My goal was to find someone who could motivate me, keep the training sessions fun, and push me to my physical limits. Well, I met Molly through my company’s on-site health and wellness screenings and was extremely impressed with her professionalism, knowledge level and personality. I finally found my personal trainer! We began the first session by taking all my body measurements (which was a real eye-opener) and realizing when did this happen to my body??? Molly wanted to know what I wanted to accomplish from these sessions and then set up a program that would strengthen my core, firm up the legs and abs, and tone my entire body. She works with you by encouraging, complimenting, and most importantly, helping you laugh through the pain. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I love the benefits of feeling strong and healthier. Why wait – call today!"