Even Fitness Instructors Need Help Sometimes

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Chris W.'s Success Story

As an athletic person and a fitness instructor, you can imagine my disappointment in having the kind of low back pain I was experiencing just a year ago. After bearing 3 children I decided I better seek some therapy for myself.

I contacted Deb and began my Egoscue posture alignment therapy. My initial consultation revealed my alignment was much worse than I expected. One side of my pelvis tilting posterior, and the other side tilting anterior, my midsection was a twisted mess.

I visited Deb just once a week and did my perscription of exercises every day on my own. Every week I could feel some improvement, but my third and forth weeks were the most memorable. I went from unbearable pain to PAIN FREE. I have continued my practice with Deb for almost a year now, incorporating Pilates but keeping the egoscue focus.

I never would have believed my recovery could have been this easy. It has made me a stronger person, mentally and physically and I no longer have to modify the movement in my everyday life. Kudos to Deb and all her help. In my opinion she is a miracle worker and I tell everyone I know who deals with back pain that they don't know what they are missing by not visiting her.

Thank You, Deb!!!

Chris W.