Elimination of medication (blood pressure) and dramatic weight loss story.

Submitted by: Grant Hughes

Luis G.'s Success Story

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For years my weight had been creeping up and I had been told by my doctor I should do something about it. I did start some exercise which helped, but it was easy to get side tracked and I was eating more than I should and was skipping some meals. Early last year my weight was putting enough stress on my system that my blood pressure started creeping up to borderline high and the doctor put me on medication to keep it from going up any further. This combined with the fact that one day my scale indicated I had reached 301lbs made me decide I had to do something about it. I did not want to be on medication and I realized I had to make an important change in order to reduce the health risks associated with being overweight.
I was fortunate to be working with Grant Hughes as an exercise coach, who after working with me for a while got to know my eating habits and suggested I try a meal program that he believed was flexible enough to work well for me. It considered my eating habits as well as my travel and work schedule restrictions. He introduced me to the Take Shape For Life program and Medifast products. I could eat six times a day, five packaged meals or snacks and one lean and green meal a day. I liked it because it let me choose from the foods I liked, and it did not impose any I did not like. It only demanded I give up some of the things that I liked and were not the best for my health, and that I drink more liquid than I had in the past. It sounded like something I could follow, so I decided to give it a try.
We started the program, put the exercise focus on hold for a while, and began to track my weight, what I ate, and how much liquid I was drinking (this was key for me). I mentioned I was on the program to my family and some friends who all supported and encouraged me. I was determined to give it a fair chance and quickly found that it required discipline and determination but every week I was seeing weight loss, The results encouraged me to stick with the program and based on the initial results I set myself the target of dropping from 301lbs in May to 100 kilos (220lbs) by the end of the year. It sounded aggressive to loose 80 lbs. but was able to stay on or ahead of target, and by Thanksgiving I had reached my goal. My annual medical checkup showed my weight was down, no longer needed any medication, and key lab tests were all well within normal ranges.. I felt I had more energy and had increased flexibility. I set a new target of ending the year under 200lbs and actually ended at 190lbs.
Many have asked me what the secret is. There is no secret, you have to stick to the program 100% of the time, you have to drink plenty of liquids and make no exceptions. I even during a vacation, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Support from my family, especially my wife making some cooking adjustments for me; and my daughters keeping an eye on me to keep me on track has been key. The coaching and accountability with Grant; and many coworkers seeing the improvement and cheering me on have also been strong a source of motivation.
I have also been asked if it is enough food. It did take a little getting used to, but I have not been hungry except for one day at the beginning of the program.
Is there a downside to the program? Yes there is, I have had to buy new clothes, much smaller clothes, but this is a nice problem to have.
What next? I have another 10 lbs. to go to reach my target weight and BMI and will begin to stabilize my weight. Now that I have lost the weight, I am starting to exercise again and plan to complete the Peachtree 10k in July.
This has been a great and rewarding journey. If you are considering improving your health, give it a try, I did and lost nothing except a few pounds.
Good luck
Luis Gomez


Luis G. Before


Luis G. After