Client responses

Submitted by: Ruth Alpert

's Success Story

“I have been a client of Ruth Alpert’s for about a year. As a business owner, I find my Trager sessions to be a wonderful relaxing break from my usually high pressure days. In addition, as a part-time athlete, Trager sessions have helped me to reduce muscle soreness.

Beverly Harris,
Santa Fe, NM

“I have been with Ruth ever since I moved to Albuquerque. The release and healing I have felt with my arthritis and then shoulder surgery has been amazing. I attribute a lot to the movement sessions!”

Fran Smith, RN, Ph.D
Albuquerque, NM

““My experience with Ruth as a teacher has been one of great benefit both physically and mentally. I have met no other teacher as knowledgeable as Ruth is in the dynamics of body movement. Her extensive experience as a dancer and her in depth study of the human body makes her an excellent teacher.”

Linda Spielman
Austin, TX

““ Under her instruction, I have learned alignment fundamentals, the movement of the body in space, and re-patterning processes to use in strengthening deep muscles for exercise and for changing my posture“. I can honestly say that I have experienced wholesale changes in my posture and carriage. This work is crucial to my exercise and running routines which have greatly improved since beginning these classes.”

Cynthia Noe
Austin, TX

Ruth is a tremendous resource for body movement (or nonmovement!) for the novice, the professional and every category in between. She intuitively knows bodies and movement. My sessions with her helped me develop a stronger body with a more balanced and natural way of moving.

Caroline Carter
Santa Fe, NM