Charisse Fournaris' Story

Submitted by: Andrea Mathis

Charisse's Success Story

After a life long struggle with weight, I can finally say I will not be fat again. FAT? I earned the title. After delivering my second child at age 37, I was an impressive 235 pounds at 5’6”. Five weeks after coming home, at 224 pounds, I started attending Weight Watchers meetings. The amount of weight to lose was overwhelming, but slowly, 85 pounds came off. Three and a half years later, 25 of those sneaky pounds had found me again. I had continued to exercise during the gradual weight gain, but without dedication. Paying attention to my diet was half hearted. My supportive and fitness-minded husband cautiously gave me a gift certificate to see Andrea. Initially, the opportunity to see a professional trainer seemed to be a great idea. It took me one and a half years to finally set the appointment. Now she may never get rid of me.

Andrea is not just a professional trainer. She is a life coach, a sounding board, a cheerleader, and a friend. She is tough, but understanding and accommodating. She will put you through tough paces, and you will thank her for it. She will listen when you cry and encourage you when you want to give up. Andrea Mathis has put me back on track.

I see Andrea twice a week and have since March of 2011. The strength and endurance I have gained since beginning working with her is evident in each and every workout. She has taught me about more than diet and exercise. She has also taught me about living deliberately and positively so that I may obtain true happiness. She is teaching me to ‘let go’ and influence the outcomes in my life through positive attraction.

At age 43, I feel better than ever. According to my husband, I look better than ever, too. I am down twelve pounds and plan to drop another 15. Living a healthy, fit, and positive lifestyle is certainly obtainable with the right support, and Andrea is a great part of my team. I look forward to continuing to grow with her as well as improving my fitness level.

Charisse Fournaris