Body Performance Proof

Submitted by: Elizabeth Dolce

Ashley's Success Story

My "journey" started at a young age. From elementary school on, I struggled with my weight. I continued to put on weight until high school, and that is when I decided to make a change. I was tired of being the "fat girl", and I wanted to take control and get the body that I had always dreamed of having. I started to get serious about tennis, and I began to see changes in my weight. From there I began thinking about my food choices and what I could do to continue the change. For years I went up and down. I was made fun of and called names, and it affected the way I felt about myself. When I decided to make a change, I thought that all of my problems would disappear as soon as I achieved that "perfect body". However, the perfect body never came, and the expectations I set for myself slowly increased-it was never good enough. I finally realized that the problem was within. I learned that my weight was not the only thing I needed to lose-I also needed to change the opinion I had of myself. I had not dealt with emotional scars that were left from years before. It was not until recently that I have really started to grasp the true meaning of wellness. It is not just about losing weight, but creating a lifestyle of healthy changes-food, exercise, rest, and fun. This also includes taking time for myself to reflect spiritually and mentally. Focusing on all areas of my life has helped me to grow, not just in the physical sense, but emotionally as well. Now I workout to fulfill my need for a healthy lifestyle, not just to lose weight-it is an all-encompassing commitment. Along with this, I have a new found happiness. The emotional reminisce of the "fat girl" are still within me, but I do not look back with negativity. I look back as a reminder of how far I have come, the changes I have made, and how happy I am now.


Ashley Before


Ashley After