44 Year Old Man Happy with Fitness and Nutrition Guidance

Submitted by: Maria Faires

E.S. 's Success Story

Personal Trainer Extraordinaire! I truly thought I had a grasp on how to weight train, eat right and maintain my weight. As it turns out, I was so far behind the times in terms of fitness, diet and nutrition. I was overexerting myself, my workouts were ineffective, I was suffering one injury after another and as far as my diet was concerned, FORGET ABOUT IT! Maria's training routines and nutritional guidance have literally changed my life! I tried other personal trainers on the Sammamish Plateau, around Bellevue and the entire eastside. Let me tell you, there is NOBODY as professional, as thorough and as knowledgeable as Maria Faires. Until you see Maria, I'd bet anything you aren't training properly and you are not maximizing your potential. Rather than going on with all the accolades, because Maria's training routines are by far like nothing I've experienced, let me give you results: I dropped 30 pounds in less than 3 months, I'm hiking on trails I couldn't even fathom hiking before and I'm doing it without gasping for air like it was my last breath. I've lost weight, I've lost inches, my cardiovascular health has improved, I've gained endurance and as for my strength, I don't know where to even begin. Personal training is not a job or just a skill; It's a true art. And as far as I'm concerned, Maria is Picasso! I was throwing my money away on other trainers and then I found Maria. Think they're all the same? Think again! Maria is like no other, and I'll be singing her praises all the way up Mt. Rainier this summer! Thank you Maria! I cannot say it enough so THANK YOU!

-E.S., Kirkland, WA