Submitted by: Michael Saiz

Vicky's Success Story

A year ago my life took a turn for the worse with the passing of my mom and then having to place my dad into an Alzheimer care facility. I found comfort in cooking and eating ALOT while becoming extremely lethargic, unhealthy, and more depressed. Worried about my condition my husband surprised me with a gym membership and training sessions with Michael as my Personal Trainer. This has turned out to be the gift of a lifetime! I have lost 50 plus pounds and I feel wonderful, healthy, happy, strong and ready to enjoy life again.

Michael had me follow a diet designed for my blood type while keeping a daily eating journal. My training sessions consisted of two days a week with Michael and then cardio on my own time, five to six days a week. Like Santa, Michael knew if I'd been good or bad with our twice a week weigh-ins.

My body seemed to change quickly ....my clothes were soon hanging off my body which motivated me to train and push harder. I eventually cleaned out my closet getting rid of all my big clothes and also finally purchasing a new pair of gym pants that fit...”lol”...per Michael’s request!

I honestly used to dread going to the gym but now I actually look forward to every training session! My family has also been very supportive. I would get excited about my accomplishments and insist they watch me do men’s pushups or flex a newly discovered muscle.

I have lost weight in the past, but this time my 51 year old body has taken on a much leaner and muscular appearance. I’ve been a victim of every diet gimmick. Absolutely nothing worked for me and proved to be a temporary fix. This has been a wonderful experience and I need to give Michael all of the credit.

Michael is very knowledgeable, calm, motivating, and caring. I feel like I should apologize to him for having to tolerate my morning bad moods, and also the dirty little glances I’d give when he’d say “hold it for just 30 more seconds!” The combination of having the best trainer and diligence on my part has resulted in a pretty awesome outcome which makes me very proud.

Wow Vicky..what a change you have made! I feel very honered for those kind words. You have truly been an inspiration for my other clients with the changes you have made. It's nice to hear compliments form staff and gym members of your success. You're my 2011 Client of the Year!
Well deserved...


Vicky Before


Vicky After