Strategic Advisors

As part of IDEA’s mission to Inspire the World to Fitness™ and to promote the benefits of physical activity and smart eating, IDEA has assembled some of the top health, fitness and nutritional experts to serve as key spokespeople for the association to the media.

IDEA Spokespeople

Shirley Archer, JD, MA – IDEA Mind-Body Exercise Spokesperson. Shirley is a trainer and health and wellness educator for the Stanford Health Improvement Program. Her specialties include motivating the new exerciser, teaching stress management techniques such as breathing, meditation, visualization and self massage. She also teaches classes in yoga and Pilates.

Jay Blahnik – IDEA Group Fitness Exercise Spokesperson. Jay is a well-known fitness educational presenter and he also serves as a spokesperson and educational consultant to Nautilus Health and Fitness Group as well as NIKE. He is a past IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year and has been the technical adviser and director for some of the best selling videos of all time as well as starring in over 17 award winning exercise videos.

Susan Kundrat, MS, RD, LD – IDEA Nutritional Spokesperson. Susan is a licensed, registered dietician with over 15 years of experience in the field of sports nutrition. Susan is a sports nutrition consultant for the Northwestern University Wildcats teams. She is also an adjunct lecturer with the University of Illinois Food Service and Human Nutrition Department.

Justin Price, MA – IDEA Personal Fitness Trainer Spokesperson. Justin, is he owner of The Biomechanics in San Diego and has been involved in the fitness industry for 13 years as a personal trainer, writer, presenter and business owner in both the U.S. and U.K. Justin has a master’s degree in Sports Psychology and he helps athletes and clients improve their physical and mental approach to sport and exercise.

Mary Sanders, MS – IDEA Water Fitness Spokesperson. Mary is an adjunct professor and PhD candidate at the University of Nevada in Reno. She is the developer of Speedo® Aquatic Fitness Systems, conducts research in water exercise and trains instructors worldwide. She also writes articles on water fitness for a number of magazines including, SHAPE, Prevention and Self.


2008 Group Fitness Committee

Abbie Appel
Boca Raton, FL

Yoav Avidar
Tel Aviv , Israel

Jay Blahnik
Laguna Beach, CA

Lawrence Biscontini
Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Fred Hoffman
Paris, France

Chalene Johnson
Laguna Hills, CA

Petra Kolber
Redondo Beach, CA

Linda McHugh
Irvine, CA

Karla Overturf
Elmendorf AFB, AK

Krista Popowych
Vancouver, BC

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2008 Personal Trainer Committee

Nicki Anderson
Naperville, IN

Todd Durkin
San Diego, CA

Ingrid Knight-Cohee
Vancouver, BC

Catherine Logan
Boston, MA

Charlie Hoolihan
Mandeville, LA

Gregory Mack
Columbus, OH

Sherri McMillian
Vancouver, WA

Justin Price
San Diego, CA

Carla B. Sottovia
Dallas, TX

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2008 Program Director Committee

Teri Bladen
Morgan, UT

Amy Boone Thompson
La Jolla, CA

Grace DeSimone
New York, NY

Lynn Frank
Poway, CA

K.C. Lee
Santa Ana, CA

Alex McMillian
Vancouver, WA

Crystal Powers
La Jolla, CA

Phil Sanchez
San Diego, CA

Kerry Silverstone
Danville, CA

Kimberly Spreen
Eden Prairie, MN

Grant Twible
Norwalk, CA

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