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2021 IDEA World Virtual

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Spotlight Session: 10 Steps to Customer Retention

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Paul Brown
Sunday, July 11 • 3:15–4:15pm
The financial return on your efforts, the value of your business, and your reputation are all dependent on how long and how happy you can keep the customers, members and clients you attract. Plus, your competition used to be limited to your location, but with the advent of online offerings, standing out for the right reasons is now more essential than ever. The original Mr. Retention, Paul Brown, summarizes all he has learned over 26 years of focusing on the challenge of turning finding, winning and keeping customers for life into a simple 10-step checklist that can be replicated and systematized across all business models. He’ll share examples of how and why each step is most likely relevant to your own success and will do so with his famous Australian accent and humor to keep you engaged all the way.

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