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504 Launching Your Clients’ Success—Principles and Practice of Stages of Change (ACE Mover Academy)

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  • 07/10/2020 4:40pm - 5:40pm

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Helping people improve their lives is at the root of what we do as exercise professionals. How successful are we in doing that? How do we know which client will be successful and which won’t be? If we understand what factors help predict whether someone will be successful in making a change, then perhaps we can be more successful as exercise professionals. In this session, we’ll look at one of the most successful behavior-change models. We’ll explore the process that we all go through when dealing with change and discuss how to make behavior change an intentional process. Using the model, we’ll discuss how to guide clients in their journey to making long-lasting behavior-change choices through tailoring their actions.

Session 504

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