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2022 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Session Info

483 Complete Program Design for the Obese Client

  • Presented by: Brian Richey

  • 02-27-2022 8:10am - 10:05am

aasfp 0.10 ace 0.30 acsm 3.00 action 0.30 afaa 3.00 afpa 3.00 bcrpa 3.00 chek 3.00 fai 3.00 ifpa 3.00 issa 3.00 nafc 0.30 nasm 0.30 nbhwc 3.00 nccpt 3.00 ncep 3.00 ncsf 1.50 nesta 0.30 neta 3.00 nfpt 0.60 niew 0.30 nsca 0.30 nspa 3.00 ptag 3.00

With 68.5% of the population being obese or overweight, there is an ever-growing need for fitness professionals to be knowledgeable about the conditions that are associated with this population. In this informative session, you’ll explore the common issues and specific challenges these clients face. From mobility concerns to chronic diseases to complete program design, this session covers it all. Gain an insider’s look into the psychological and physical characteristics of this demographic, and get your weight-loss clients on a path to lasting change.

Session 483

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