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2022 IDEA World

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452 Cardio Yoga—The Next Dimension of Fitness

IDEA Health & Fitness Association
  • Presented by: Siri Chilazi, MBA

  • July 22, 2022 9:45am - 11:35am

  • This session has been approved by the following agencies:

aasfp 0.10 ace 0.20 acsm 2.00 action 0.20 afaa 2.00 afpa 2.00 bcrpa 2.00 chek 2.00 fai 2.00 ifpa 2.00 issa 2.00 nafc 0.20 nafta 0.80 nasm 0.20 nccpt 2.00 ncep 2.00 ncsf 1.00 nesta 0.20 neta 2.00 nfpt 0.40 niew 0.20 nspa 2.00 ptag 2.00

Join Siri for a sweat-dripping, mind-altering exercise experience that shifts your fitness endorphin high into the next dimension! This is not simply yoga sped up; it’s smart fitness blended with potent yogic philosophy. Based on scientific “power posturing” and rhythmic drills, this practice is perfect for fitness fans who “can’t slow down” for yoga, and for yogis who need to mix more cardio into their wellness routines. This series must be experienced to be fully understood.

Session 452

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