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2022 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Session Info

387 The Truth About Meal Frequency: Is Eating More (or Less) Often Better ?

  • Presented by: Michelle Alencar, PhD

  • 02-26-2022 10:25am - 12:15pm

  • This session has been approved by the following agencies:

ace 0.20 acsm 2.00 action 0.20 afaa 2.00 afpa 2.00 bcrpa 2.00 chek 2.00 fai 2.00 ifpa 2.00 issa 2.00 nafc 0.20 nasm 0.20 nbhwc 2.00 nccpt 2.00 ncep 2.00 ncsf 1.00 nesta 0.20 neta 2.00 nfpt 0.40 niew 0.20 nsca 0.20 nspa 2.00 ptag 2.00

Which is better, eating five-plus meals per day, three meals or fasting until dinner time? Meal frequency manipulation from fasting to feasting comes with a lot of options. Depending on client conditions, goals and lifestyle needs, the evidence shows what’s best for optimal results in the long run. This session will uncover the scientific truth about meal frequency and what that means for clients. Attendees will leave with the top three effective ways to discuss results-producing meal frequency strategies with clients.

Session 387

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