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2022 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Session Info

368 Time Under Tension and Metabolic Stress: How Slow Should You Go?

  • Presented by: Zachary Mang, PhD

  • 02-26-2022 8:15am - 10:05am

aasfp 0.10 ace 0.20 acsm 2.00 action 0.20 afaa 2.00 afpa 2.00 bcrpa 2.00 chek 2.00 fai 2.00 ifpa 2.00 issa 2.00 nafc 0.20 nasm 0.20 nbhwc 2.00 nccpt 2.00 ncep 2.00 ncsf 1.00 nesta 0.20 neta 2.00 nfpt 0.40 niew 0.20 nsca 0.20 nspa 2.00 ptag 2.00

Time under tension is an important consideration for any resistance training program. This dynamic session will go deep on time under tension, repetition tempo and metabolic stress and explore how they relate to traditional resistance training adaptations (e.g., endurance, hypertrophy and strength). In the second half of the presentation, you’ll learn several evidence-based practical applications on how to use different repetition tempos to stimulate increases in muscular endurance, hypertrophy and strength, as well as to improve energy expenditure and cardiovascular adaptations.

Session 368

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