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2022 IDEA Personal Trainer Institute

Session Info

266 The Business of Personal Training: Generating $1 Million in PT Revenues

  • Presented by: Sherri McMillan, MSc

  • 02-25-2022 1:45pm - 3:35pm

  • This session has been approved by the following agencies:

ace 0.20 acsm 2.00 action 0.20 afaa 2.00 afpa 2.00 bcrpa 2.00 chek 2.00 fai 2.00 ifpa 2.00 issa 2.00 nafc 0.20 nasm 0.20 nbhwc 2.00 nccpt 2.00 ncep 2.00 ncsf 1.00 nesta 0.20 neta 2.00 nfpt 0.40 niew 0.20 nspa 2.00 ptag 2.00

Building a seven-figure personal training business requires extensive and effective systems for marketing, sales, community relations, customer service, client retention, team recruitment, training and retention and more. You’ll receive a big-picture analysis, explore the key pieces of the business of personal training success puzzle and learn how to implement these ideas into your growth plan. This is a must-attend session for any personal training entrepreneur or personal training director who wants to get ahead and stay there.

Session 266

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