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IDEA Personal Trainer Institute Virtual 2021

Session Info

210: Using Behavior Change to Attract and Retain Senior Clients in a Digital/Virtual World

  • Presented by: Anthony J. Wall, MS

  • 03/07/2021 7:15am - 8:45am

  • This session has been approved by the following agencies:

ace 0.15 acsm 1.50 action 0.15 afaa 1.00 afpa 1.50 bcrpa 1.50 chek 1.50 fai 1.50 ifpa 1.50 issa 2.00 nafta 1.00 nasm 0.10 nbhwc 1.50 ncep 1.50 ncsf 1.00 nesta 0.15 neta 1.50 nfpt 0.30 niew 0.15 nsca 0.15 nspa 1.50 ptag 1.50

Only one in four older adults participate in regular physical activity. How do we attract and communicate to older adults in a virtual world? Understanding how to effect behavior change is the first step to helping older adults become more active. This session will discuss different methods of communication to talk to this population and principles to keep them motivated.

Session 210

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