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210 Power Training: The Ultimate Training Tool

  • Presented by: Krista Popowych

  • February 25, 2022 8:15am - 10:05am

  • This session has been approved by the following agencies:

aasfp 0.10 ace 0.20 acsm 2.00 action 0.20 afaa 2.00 afpa 2.00 bcrpa 2.00 chek 2.00 fai 2.00 ifpa 2.00 issa 2.00 nafc 0.20 nasm 0.20 nbhwc 2.00 nccpt 2.00 ncep 2.00 ncsf 1.00 nesta 0.20 neta 2.00 nfpt 0.40 niew 0.20 nsca 0.20 nspa 2.00 ptag 2.00

Athletes need power to hit a home run, score the winning three-pointer on the buzzer or sprint to the finish line. Our clients need power to climb stairs, lift a bag of groceries or even get out of a chair. We all need to be more powerful. In this session, learn what power is, its benefits, and how to train to improve power regardless of your client’s age, activity choice or fitness level. Power is the elixir of life, and we have just the right recipe. Are you ready to be more powerful?

Session 210

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